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Fredrik Berglund

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"Fredrik is a Swedish successful cross between 'Aroma' and American varieties, and is very reminiscent of Aroma in taste but with a spicier tone. The variety was sown at Balsgård in 1988 and introduced to the trade in 2003. Gets medium-sized apples that are green with a beautiful red blush. The flesh is white juicy and crispy with a good balance between acidity and sweetness. Healthy variety that is resistant to scab and has good resistance to other fungal diseases. Pollinated by e.g. 'Cox Orange Pippin', 'Cox Pomona', 'Discovery' E, 'Lobo', Transparent Blanche. Gives the best harvest in a sunny location on nutritious, moisture-retaining and well-drained soil."

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Born on a December night in the capital of Sweden in 1982, a Swedish citizen. Lived around in lower central Sweden most of my life. Have lived abroad for a number of years and seen different cultures. I am slow to anger and normally calm. I keep myself to truth and dislike lies. In my free time I read, listen to music and work on my own projects. I have my integrity but I am not a closed book either. Have worked in teams and alone, both work good for me. Has experience from several different types of work, and also as a self-employed, where I worked with both small and unknown and big known brands.

Personal Letter
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High school education
(Data, Welding, CNC, Cadcam, HTML)

2003-2007 Internship in various places
2004-2005 Small jobs in web design.
2006-2008 Webdesign in Stockholm. Renovate hotels.
2008-2015 Lived abroad, web design and print. Also web & phone support.
2011-2014 Self-employed Art Director Freelance.
2015-2016 Care assistant Retirement home.
2016-2017 Web Designer.
2019-2019 Taxi driver.
2021-2022 Freelance Art Director, started my own projects.

Programs: Windows, Office, The entire Adobe package.
Programming languages: HTML, CSS, some jQuery.
Good knowledge of: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere.
Some knowledge in: FL Studio, Audition, 3DSMAX, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine 5.

Holds: B driving license, Taxi license.
Speaks: Swedish, English.

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I made this resumé page from one small boring yet functional word document.

The webpage has been tested in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Edge and should have no problem except that you have to play audio by clicking the link, since autoloop is disabled by default in some browsers and versions. I prefer Firefox, get it today!


Currently I am in Sweden and available for work. You may contact me by sending me an e-mail. Make sure to write a non spam looking subject.